Partnering with the Love of Christ

Partnering with the Love of Christ

Spiritual Disciplines & The New Covenant

Martin Reén

Band 2 av 4 i denna serie

Samhälle, politik & medier


244 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789152735985

Förlag: Healing Streams

Utgivningsdatum: 17.07.2023

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Nej

170,00 kr

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Encountering the love of Jesus Christ is a lifechanging experience, and as we learn to abide in it, living loved by Him will become our life. The Father´s plan has always been for us to learn to be good receivers of His goodness. That does not mean that we should remain passive, however. God has placed within our hearts both a desire and an ability to respond to His love. This is because our Father desires a dynamic relationship with His children. He wants us to be both receivers, as well as quick responders to the unforced rhythms of His grace. In this way, we partner with Jesus Christ, so that His life and character can be formed within us. There is such a joy and satisfaction in being able to partner with His love, which is why I have written this book on partnering with the love of Christ through spiritual disciplines. In this book you will learn how to partner with the love of Christ through:

- Encountering Jesus in the Scriptures
- A Lifestyle of Worship
- Soaking
- Fasting
- Our Ministry of Intercession as Kings & Priests
- Speaking Words that Imparts Grace & Life
- Dreaming with God
- Discerning the Wisdom of Jesus Christ
- Flowing in the Gifts of the Spirit
- A Generous Lifestyle

... and much more!
You are called to abide in the Father's love & partner with Jesus, so that His power and life can be revealed through you!
Martin Reén

Martin Reén

Martin Reen lives in the north of Sweden together with His wife Linda, and their children Isak, Benjamin and Noomi. Martin and Linda's vision has always been to know the heart of the Father in deeper ways, to grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ, and to daily be more conformed into His image. They want to introduce as many parts of the body of Christ as possible to the Father's love and the finished work of Jesus Christ, so that believers can be secure in their identity as sons and daughters and live by the life of Christ. Martin and Linda travel all over the world to preach the gospel, and teach in Bible schools, seminars, conferences, and on-line events. They also work with missions, counselling, and leadership training.

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