Feminine Threads

Feminine Threads

A Quest for Womanhood and True Beauty

Annika Thomas

Historia & biografier


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ISBN-13: 9789177850267

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Utgivningsdatum: 08.06.2017

Språk: Engelska

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What happens when we become one person in the outer world, while our true feminine Self is buried below the surface?

Like so many other women with this dilemma Annika Thomas, who is a designer of clothes, became over-identified with her persona. As she became conscious of this inner split, embarking on a quest for wholeness seemed like her only option. This book is the story of her dramatic journey to find, and embody, her true Self.

Feminine Threads is an in-depth exploration of the Feminine and its connection to clothes and beauty. The personal threads of a contemporary woman´s life, as well as some of her experiences beyond time and space, are interwoven with impersonal threads of cultural, mythic, historic and psycho-spiritual perspectives. The richly adorned tapestry that emerges presents a deeper, holistic image of womanhood that helps us grasp the mystery of true Feminine Beauty.
Annika Thomas

Annika Thomas

Annika Thomas has worked with clothing design since the 1970s. After leaving the world of fashion to search for a new meaning to clothes, she spent years of exploring our deeper connection to colors, patterns and clothing styles. This gave her the new perspectives that helped her re-evaluate her profession.

Annika now calls herself a holistic designer, since wholeness lies at the core of her work and has been her inspiration for several collections. One of her most exciting challenges is trying to figure out how to give form and clothes to the deeper Feminine that has been denied for such a long time, as well as to design clothes that are based on totally different ideals, for a sustainable future.

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