Change in the mind of the strategist

Change in the mind of the strategist

a book about development, competitiveness and how we can realise potential that requires a little more

Pontus Wadström

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316 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789152762837

Förlag: Wadstrom Management Ab

Utgivningsdatum: 22.03.2023

Språk: Engelska

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Make sure that your organisation's strategy is characterized by change, and that strategy guides change. Succeed in changing employee behaviour and realising the benefits changes are aimed at.

The insights in this book are based on extensive practical experience and scientific research and offer unique knowledge to advance your change and strategy work. In a changing world, all organizations must develop to stay relevant. But changing a business requires a little more than managing it. Many organizations struggle to change sufficiently and quickly enough. And one of the most difficult challenges organizations faces is managing strategic and large-scale change.

So, how do we lead strategic change?

The short answer is that strategic change is a systematic way of working. No organization can do everything for everyone; no organization can change everything it ought to change. Organisations' limited resources must be used effectively. Strategy and adaptation to a world and to markets in constant motion are therefore two sides of the same coin.

This book demonstrates a practical, thought-through, and scientifically validated way of working where changes that are carried out are guided by the organization's strategy, and the management of change ensures desired strategic outcomes.
Pontus Wadström

Pontus Wadström

Pontus Wadström, independent advisor, trainer, and researcher has worked with strategy and change for more than 20 years. Through his work as a consultant, strategy head, and change manager, in almost all types of organizations and industries, and over ten years as a researcher, he offers insights not provided elsewhere. He is an affiliated researcher in Industrial Economics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a guest lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at Uppsala University. His expertise is how organizations can work with strategy and change to create success over time in a changing environment.

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