An Adventure Role-playing Game

Tom Oden Ahlqvist

Science fiction & fantasy


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ISBN-13: 9789178513499

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 28.02.2019

Språk: Engelska

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Vindeon is a brand-new fantasy role-playing game focusing heavily on immersive acting and fast action rules, enabling players to get the most out of their game sessions.

The Setting

The world is not healed. The elves, dwarves and humans have just begun to recover and rebuild after the devastation wrought by conflict and change. But not all. Some realms fell in the chaos, and now lies in ruins or serve even darker purposes. In this time of instability, you are trying to find your place in the world. There is no telling what fate Vindeon has in store for you or your companions. No telling how small or grand adventure looming just beyond the horizon or behind the next bend of the forest trail.

Player - Character

You play a character in a darkening, torn world, who embarks on an adventure or campaign, forging your destiny along the way or die trying. The world is unforgiving an often brutal, but it is not yet bereft of love and joy. There will always be hope.

Embark on these undertakings as one of the three playable races: humans, dwarves and elves, choose from nine unique human, dwarven or elven cultures and their culture-specific professions, to customize your character to fit your preferred play-style and acting. Or go rogue and create a profession of your own. Fate is in your hands!

Welcome to Vindeon
Tom Oden Ahlqvist

Tom Oden Ahlqvist

Tom Oden Ahlqvist is a Swedish writer of fantasy books and games. He was a combat medic in the Northland Ranger Regiment and did service abroad in peacekeeping operations. In 2015 he graduated as a Master of Arts in the field of Archaeology at Stockholm University. He has written lore and intrigues for various LARP-events, and released his first book 'Nifelhelsfärd' (Journey to Misty Hel) on kickstarter in 2016. In 2019, he released his grand fantasy role-playing game Vindeon, together with skilled illustrators Jonas Gustafsson and Nomi Bontegard.

'Never let reality get in the way of that which you want to achieve' is his motto.

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