The Rainbow Runners

The Rainbow Runners

a sled dog adventure

Kristen M. Snyder, Martin Wagenius



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ISBN-13: 9789180073721

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 05.03.2021

Språk: Engelska

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The Rainbow Runners is a true story of a sled dog adventure told by Alaskan Husky, Nija JaJa, the youngest member of the team, who along with her uncle-buncles and brother set out to follow a dream to participate in a long-distance race through the Swedish mountains. With fewer dogs in the team than is common for such a race, the team begins their journey with an uphill battle. During preparations they experience what it means to build team, and not just a functioning team, but a team that is flexible and adaptable to changing conditions; a team that is built on recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths in each team member; and a team that keeps sight on their own dream, even when others doubt their ability.

The story culminates in the 250 kilometers long distance race during which they get caught in a white-out on a mountain top. For more than five hours they struggle to keep themselves safe in the storm and eventually navigate their way off the mountain top down to the final checkpoint. With 89 kilometers left in the race and only a few hours before the race officially closes, the team leaves the last checkpoint at 4 a.m. and does what it takes to cross the finish line demonstrating the power of persistence, the importance of listening to your heart, working together, and believing in yourself.
Kristen M. Snyder

Kristen M. Snyder

Kristen Snyder and Martin Wagenius live with their huskies in Sweden. Professionally, they spend their days working in education and leadership, and by night and on weekends they spend endless hours consumed in nature with their furry friends. They are inspired by their dogs to understand the deeper dimensions in communication, teaming and leadership that are often not found in textbooks. As former educators, they have found that sharing stories about dogs helps children, youth and adults learn about themselves, how to communicate, how to work with others in a team, and how to celebrate their own strengths and uniqueness.

Kristen is Professor in Leadership and Quality Management and Associated Professor in Education. She uses storytelling as a tool to develop quality work cultures in organizations and promote health and well-being among individuals. She is also an artist and musician and loves to explore life through different artistic mediums.

Martin Wagenius

Martin Wagenius

Martin Wagenius is a former teacher and educator in teacher training. Currently, he is a leader in the public sector working with strategic planning. In his spare time, he enjoys capturing life through the artistic lens of the camera, revealing stories unspoken.

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