The Creative Doer

The Creative Doer

A Brave Woman's Guide from Dreaming to Doing

Anna Lovind

Vägledning och juridik


232 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789151916811

Förlag: Happy Arty Publishing

Utgivningsdatum: 26.06.2019

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

229,00 kr

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A path for female creators, activists and magicmakers.

The Creative Doer offers a roadmap for women who are hungry for a more creative life and who are willing to ask a few burning questions:

What if we stopped trying to follow in the footsteps of the Male Genius? What does devotion look like if it doesn't mean forsaking everything and everyone, including your kids, for your art? What would happen if we granted ourselves the permission we're waiting for and started doing our work, our way?

In this insightful, no-bullshit guide you'll learn how to:

- Redefine creative work and bust the old myths about The Artist
- Zoom in on your dream until it's doable
- Claim the time and space you need to do your work
- Understand fear and how to flow with it
- Do self-care in a way that will change your creative life forever
- Share your work, truthfully, tenderly and courageously
Anna Lovind

Anna Lovind

Anna Lovind is a mother, writer and activist who left a career in publishing and moved to the deep forests of Dalarna, Sweden, in pursuit of greater freedom and deeper creativity.

Through her writing, courses and workshops she has guided thousands of creative women to go from dreaming to doing. Anna is also co-founder of Write Your Self, a teacher training for people who want to use writing as a tool for healing.


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