The Concept of Dreams and Their Interpretations

The Concept of Dreams and Their Interpretations

Sofia Freiherr

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Utgivningsdatum: 24.01.2017

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Dreaming is common to everyone as it is their daily experience. Due to its rampant occurrence in the lives of people, almost everybody seems to have an opinion on this subject, or at least cling to a popular school of thought which could be psychological or religious.

There are also a lot of myths about dreams which have lived on for so long, some of which are being attached to these famous beliefs.

This book tells the truth about dreams with logical facts to garnish it all. In this book you will discover:

- What are dreams ?

- Different phases of dream cycle

- How to interpret your dreams

We have also put together some benefits of dreams which most of us reading this piece have never realized. It explains the positive changes that can result in our lives if we take our dreams more seriously and follow some of the principles shared in this book.

You never know how much our dreams disclose about ourselves(especially our unknown selves), which we can never understand if we live normally based on our five senses. Laying more emphasis on our dreams and analyzing them appropriately as explain on these pages can unlock so much of our potentials and cause us to become more efficient beings.

One of the main advantages of knowledge is the boosting of our trust in ourselves. This new level in self-confidence is one dividend you will reap from dwelling on the facts from this piece. There is no better time to acquire more awareness about our dreams and the hidden messages behind them than now.
Sofia Freiherr

Sofia Freiherr

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