The Clan of the Celestial Spear

The Clan of the Celestial Spear

Jan-Åke Winqvist

Romaner & noveller

Inbunden bok

244 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789188627148


Utgivningsdatum: 02.11.2023

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

1 500,00 kr

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The Clan of the Celestial Spear is a five-chapter graphic novel set 45,000-50,000 years ago somewhere in what would later come to be known as Europe. A new people wanders into the area that has been inhabited for so long by what we today call Neanderthals. Contact between the two peoples - the new immigrants and the Neanderthals, is sporadic and myths arise on both sides, myths that create fear.
The tensions and curiosity about the others lead to two Neanderthals, during the new arrivals' celebration of the summer party, abducting the boy Marten. It is an event that causes Marten's older brother Lynx and his newfound love Squirrel to embark on a several-month-long hunt that threatens to have fatal consequences. The shaman Wolfpaw from another clan has a decisive importance for the development of events that then lead to the creation of the Clan of the Celestial Spear.
The volume the Clan of the Celestial Spear consists of the five separate comic albums that were previously published under the collective name the new people. The originals have been digitally processed and supplemented by the author to provide the best possible reading experience.
Jan-Åke Winqvist

Jan-Åke Winqvist

Jan-Åke Winqvist is a Swedish illustrator and author who over the years has illustrated educational materials - mainly in science and history - and also authored and illustrated several of his own children's and youth books - both fiction and non-fiction.
During the years 2003-2020, Winqvist worked full-time on the large book project The Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna - a part of The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative - at the SLU Swedish Species Information Centre in Uppsala, Sweden.

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