The Amazing Adventures of Roy Hicks

The Amazing Adventures of Roy Hicks

Nalle Windahl

Del 2: The Saga Quadrology

Science fiction & fantasy


296 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789179699550

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 18.10.2021

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Nej

99,00 kr

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Ah, I see... you flipped to this side to see what the book is about? Well, I am sorry to disappoint you. On this side of this book I will tell you why you should read this book, and not what the book is about... why is that then? Well, because what the book is really about is what it states in the title... No point in repeating that here... and if you want to know what adventures it might be, it is better to read them inside the book, than to get some examples of them here on the back of the cover... I mean, it would not be fair to the adventures that make up an entire book and try to squeeze them into a few words, here on the back of the book, would it?

If you should read this book or not depends on if you have read the first book in this series. If not, you really don't have to. But it might be a good idea to start at the beginning. Now, if you have read the first book, and you expect to continue the story just about where the first book ended, I am sorry to disappoint you, because you will have to wait for the fourth book to continue that part of the story. In this book, and the next book, you will get other pieces of the puzzle, pieces that will make the fourth book much more pleasant to read, even if book two and three is not necessary to read to be able to enjoy the over all story. But I promise that you will lack some important pieces and details that will make the whole reading experience of the fourth book possibly confusing. And if you are fine with that, then absolutely no need to read this book. But if you are one of those who are curious and kind of want the whole picture, I definitely recommend reading this book as well. And the third, once it gets published.


Nalle Windahl

Nalle Windahl

A fantasy writer - native Swede, who challanges himself with writing fantasy in English. The Saga Quadrology is an unusual quadrology where the first book builds up to the fourth book, and the second and third book takes you on different paths also leading up to the fourth book and the fulfilling of the prophecy to end the world.

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