The Abuse

The Abuse

Ulla Bolinder

Romaner & noveller


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ISBN-13: 9789180073707

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Utgivningsdatum: 03.12.2020

Språk: Engelska

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One late autumn evening, a young woman is on her way home after being to the cinema. She comes walking on the street when an unknown man approaches from behind and drags her into a yard and violates her. After the assault he flees.

Susanne would rather forget but manages by her own efforts to regain control of her life while feelings of guilt and denial slowly let go.

THE ABUSE, which is based on a real event, is a strong novel about a young womans struggle for independence and integrity.
Ulla Bolinder

Ulla Bolinder

Ulla Bolinder is a Swedish author, born in Uppsala but today living in Knivsta, not far from Stockholm. She has been working at advertising agency, restaurant, hospital, archives and publishing house. Her first book was published in 1997. In her novels she often deals with social issues with emphasis on the individual.

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