That is why theory of special relativity is nonsense

That is why theory of special relativity is nonsense

Jan Slowak

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Utgivningsdatum: 15.09.2022

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The book presents the author's new evidence that SR is wrong.
Among other things, an analysis of k-calculus from the book
Introducing Einstein's Relativity by Ray d'Inverno from Oxford University Press is made.
The author shows how some researchers use mathematics incorrectly.

Mathematics is the queen of science!
Jan Slowak

Jan Slowak

Jan Slowak is a mathematician, independent researcher, with a bachelor's degree in mathematics.
The author has spent 6-7 years researching the special theory of relativity.
Published books and articles:
B1: Special Relativity is Nonsense
B2: Light - The Absolute Reference in the Universe
and my articles:
A1: Mathematics shows that the Lorentz transformations are not self-consistent
A2: Lorentz Transformations And Time Dilation Do Not Verify Reality
A3: Lorentz Transformations - The Sound versus The Light

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