Syria's silenced voices

Syria's silenced voices

Patrik Paulov

Historia & biografier


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ISBN-13: 9789179690847

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Utgivningsdatum: 08.05.2021

Språk: Engelska

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"A merciless revelation of the lies from media and politicians and the concealed facts... anyone who think they've heard the truth from the media and the politicians should read it!"
Arbejderen, Danish daily

"A comprehensive, independent analysis done because the book has so much focus on Syria's own people - ordinary people that always disappear in the media watching for the benefit of the leaders - and at the same time, Paulov dismantles the official media picture, revealing the game of the world powers... He contributes to public education, diversity, and debate."
Jan Oberg, Swedish Peace researcher and director of Transnational Foundation

Syria's Silenced Voices by Patrik Paulov depicts a decade of war in Syria through the eyes of Syrians who do not agree with the media image in the West. It is, simultaneously, a critical review of the Western countries and their allies' involvement and interests in the war.
Syria's Silenced Voices also examines the unknown role played by Sweden, a country which has declared itself a "humanitarian superpower". Sweden has in fact been backing a Syrian opposition movement allied with terrorist organizations.
Patrik Paulov concludes that what has happened in Syria and why is important to discuss since it is not just about Syria and the Syrian people. It is about examining the role of the Western governments in causing death and destruction in the other parts of the world, under the disguise of promoting democracy and human rights.
Syria's Silenced Voices (Syriens tystade röster in Swedish) was first published by Karneval publishing house in Stockholm in 2019. The English edition is updated and with a newly written chapter added in May 2021.
Patrik Paulov

Patrik Paulov

Patrik Paulov is a freelance writer based in Göteborg, Sweden, specializing in international affairs, mainly the Middle East.
He has published several articles about the war in Syria in Sweden's largest newspapers, as well as in alternative media in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
In 2015, he made a well-publicized revelation about Swedish foreign aid to opposition groups in Syria, that were cooperating with al-Qaeda terrorists.
Until 2018, Patrik Paulov worked as international editor of the weekly newspaper Proletären.

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