Song of Being

Song of Being

The end of searching

Mischa Hammarnejd

Samhälls- och kulturvetenskap


222 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789180279383

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 21.08.2023

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

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What am I, where do I come from, and where am I going? And what is really the point of it all? What is really true behind all the make-believe, conditioning, and the more than eight billion different opinions about what is true? It there a true reality that is the same for all of us on this planet Tellus, yes, in the whole universe? Surely, these are familiar questions. But how often have we not heard about spiritual experiences, awakening, overcoming the fear of death, lasting happiness and joy, heavenly peace and the like? And how often have we not started to read or listen to someone who claims to know it all about these things, and then just given up when we heard a lot of complex and inaccessible thought constructs, new age nonsense mixed with mystical directions and exercises, or sectarian drivel that excludes the ones outside? I have been through all this, and I even ended up in a sect-like context once, but I continued to search for something really true, stripped down, genuinely useful and practical in both festive, ordinary, and difficult times, something that could truly point to lasting and reliable truth about reality, myself, and all of us, to what we are and consist of, and that it would hold true in all cultures, ages, circumstances and states - which all constantly change. Am I asking for too much?

My journey is not unique, and neither is who, or what I am. The journey can be made by anyone. It is so familiar, close, accessible, and right in front of all our noses - no, much closer, much more intimate than that. Surely, there are obstacles, but are we really interested in the obstacles? I am not.

The book is about my journey to what I thought and was told would be impossible to find or attain. My searching has ended. Not because I found something that I was looking for, but because... and here, it became quiet for a long while. Until this book was made.
Mischa Hammarnejd

Mischa Hammarnejd

An unusually curious and truth-hungry boy grew up relatively unhindered and free, got wings in the new world of computers, made strong efforts to explore the inner essence of Christianity (which he did not see truth and depth in until recently!), surfed happily - enthusiastically applauded - on the new wave of digitizing the printing industry, held fast to the path of knowledge that was so open, sought after, and enticing, and he came to what he believed was the beginning of a life in utmost satisfaction. But, alas, how he deceived himself! His life was - albeit lined with deep reflection and some arduous perseverance - built on the quagmire of change and subjectivity, like the house built on sand. Almost without warning, he was suddenly alone - but the journey that this book tells the story of, had already begun, and he had a feeling that something very big and mystical would be revealed before his eyes. That is what happened.

During ten solar revolutions, he has now bathed in understandings and experiences that there is very little room for in the western and materialistically dualistic culture that he was brought up in. One of the completely unexpected fruits of these solar revolutions, is this little book. But he continues to enjoy the intimacy of Being and continues to explore its infinite forms and expressions, with neither ambition nor searching. Where the path leads to and what may come does not trouble him any longer, for now it has become true: Home is where the heart is, and he has never left it.

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