Shipwreck in Paradise

Shipwreck in Paradise

Konstantinos Gustad Padazopoulos

Deckare & thrillers


236 sidor

ISBN-13: 9788230362457

Förlag: Konstantinos Gustad Padazopoulos

Utgivningsdatum: 30.11.2023

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Nej

187,10 kr

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In a world of danger and perilous waters, meet Nick Diamantis, a Greek-Norwegian marine investigator working for Okeanos Marine Investigation Agency in Oslo. When the World Discoverer, a Norwegian cruise ship is shipwrecked in the alluring Solomon Islands, Nick is thrown into a deadly game of secrets and subterfuge. Teaming up with the daring Australian Navy and a fearless crew aboard a research vessel, he embarks on a pulse-pounding mission to uncover the truth. As the plot thickens, Nick realises that the key to unlocking the mystery may not lie in the bottom of the sea.

Get ready for an Ian Fleming-esque adventure that will leave you shaken, not stirred. Shipwreck in Paradise is an old school adventure novel evoking the spirit of Alistair Maclean, Wilbur Smith and Clive Cussler, with an eye for detail, cunning villains, and narrow escapes. It takes readers from the vibrant streets of Oslo, to the seductive waters of Solomon Islands. Take a deep breath before you dive into Nick's first and most terrifying adventure.
Konstantinos Gustad Padazopoulos

Konstantinos Gustad Padazopoulos

Konstantinos Gustad Padazopoulos (b. 1994) grew up in the port town of Athens, Piraeus in a family brimming with seafaring legacy. Even before he had turned old enough to join kindergarten, he had gone along with his father onboard a lot of ships, exploring various ports in the eastern Mediterranean. When other kids his age spent time in the local playground, Konstantinos was busy exploring the insides of cruise ships and fast jumbo ROPAX ferries, listening to all the daring maritime adventures the crews had to share with

A voracious reader with a knack for detail, he took a particular interest in English literature during his teenage years devouring anything he could put his hands on. After a move to Norway in 2012 and hundreds of books read later he finally decided to merge his passions and start spinning his own adventure yarns. You will find him writing in the most unexpected places possible in Oslo, enjoying his long walks along Akerselva or reading a book in the shaded part of a Greek beach.

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