Seeking the Queen Finding Starwalker

Seeking the Queen Finding Starwalker

A documentary on finding true contactees

Betina Brandes, Kerstin Peters, Henry Svensson, Calle Nyman , Centera Publishing

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ISBN-13: 9789152771969

Förlag: Centera Publishing

Utgivningsdatum: 24.06.2023

Språk: Engelska

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Seeking the Queen. Finding Starwalker is a documentary about finding true contactees for extraterrestrial visitors.

The authors' first journey had been into the world that Channie, the founder of the healing method UWTH, had presented. The attraction was that they would be get to travel extraterrestrially, which she had promised for over 10 years. It never happened.

And just when they thought they were done with everything extraterrestrial, Kerstin shared a dream that completely opened all doors to what they had stopped believing in existed. That they would meet both contactees, incarnated extraterrestrials and also be prepared for their own extraterrestrial contact and journey, they could not possibly imagine.

The authors found three unique sources that led them:
Anna. She had all the material saved from the co-founder of UWTH whose name we do not reveal here. He is never mentioned by Channie and was therefore extra exciting to get to know. Anna led the authors to Channie's Mentor.
Channies Mentor. Channie never mentions that he was also incarnated on Earth. He was a living legend they got many hours with. He also had access to the secret diaries.
The Secret Diaries turned everything the authors believed in upside down was when they read Channie's handwritten diaries. There they found out what had really happened without beautification.

What the authors tells us in the last chapter is not only what they experienced during their extraterrestrial visit, but perhaps mostly what they understood from their entire journey. It is therefore their wish that you read the book from the beginning. They want you to follow them all the way to the dimensional space journey and their unforgettable encounter.
Betina Brandes

Betina Brandes

Betina Brandes has stood for the outside criticism of our work. She has also helped us having the book translated.

Kerstin Peters

Kerstin Peters

Kerstin Peters is our diligent writer who has the best experience of writing. However, this is her first book.

Henry Svensson

Henry Svensson

Henry Svensson is our brain behind analysis and solves riddles with almost no clues. He has the experience of bringing larger projects to a successful conclusion.

Calle Nyman

Calle Nyman

Calle Nyman He is our icebreaker who easily connects with completely unknown people and also makes them talk directly and share.

Centera Publishing

Centera Publishing

Centera Publishing was started because we wanted to give truth space, hence our slogan. Centera Publishing specializes in documentary portrayal and Seeking the Queen, Finding Starwalker is the our first published title.

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