Rebooting Science 1.0

Rebooting Science 1.0

Johan Gamper

Band 1 av 1 i denna serie

Samhälls- och kulturvetenskap


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ISBN-13: 9789180070539

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 28.12.2020

Språk: Engelska

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This is the first book in the series Rebooting Science 1 based on E-theory, a novel line of theory that aims at "rebooting" science, giving it a new start. If you dive into it be prepared with an open mind and patience. In this introduction you are let in on a struggle to defend what science seems incapable of defending, our mortal but immaterial soul, our very subject.
In Rebooting Science 1.0 Johan Gamper publishes the first part of the theoretical structure that lies behind his seminal paper from 2017, On a Loophole in Causal Closure, where he proved that our mind can be viewed as separate from our brain without violating the basic rules of science. The unrevised manuscript e-theory from the mid-nineties is commented to explain its impact on the most fundamental levels of science. Its original understanding of objects and dimensions opens up for new perspectives on ourselves and the world around us.
Johan Gamper

Johan Gamper

Johan Gamper is a Finnish-Swedish psychologist and ontologist. In his evolving research our self-consciousness is parallel to singularities inside of black holes in the physical universe. Rebooting Science 1.0 is his first book. He has previously published six papers in the journals Philosophia and Axiomathes.

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