Reapers Origins

Reapers Origins

Hellfire : Ignited

Abraham Jidah

Del 1: Reapers Origins

Science fiction & fantasy


162 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789179696580

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 03.08.2020

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

109,00 kr

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Nihilanth Spriit, a ten year old peasent boy who is destined to be a farmer has a strange friendship with a noble girl. Her name is Perdita, and she has her entire life laid out for her to follow. Both of them desire the same thing...

Freedom, to live by their own accord.

As they both walk down the path to achieve that goal, through secrets, promises, purgatory ....
and hellfire, what hardships will they face?

How high is the price of freedom? and is it even worth it?
Abraham Jidah

Abraham Jidah

Abraham Jidah is an eighteen year old new coming author from Sweden. Being a fan of fantasy, sci-fi and the supernatural, he debuts with Reapers Origins. He is a fan of comics, Japanese literature and video games.

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