Readability (1/2)

Readability (1/2)

Birth of the Cluster text, Introduction to the Art of Learning.

- Annandreas

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ISBN-13: 9789179693336

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Utgivningsdatum: 21.09.2021

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Readability - Birth of the Cluster text, Introduction to the Art of Learning is the definitive guide to reading and learning. After having read this book, you should have become a better reader and learner, and you should know what typographic style is better to read.

Readability. In a wide sense, readability is about language, legibility, comprehension, and how they affect reading. This book is mainly about legibility and comprehension - language is mostly seen as a medium.

Birth of the Cluster text. This book introduces the cluster text style to a wide audience. Reading speed can be measured in different ways: words per minute (wpm), day span, two-day span and week span. This two-part book should be extensive enough so that average readers (200 wpm) could test their week span and advanced readers (500 wpm) their two-day span, i.e. this reading experience should bring clarity to which typographic style is better to read. Hence, this book could be seen as a scientific experiment. Cluster texts could be as much as twenty percent better than ordinary texts. If this test will show that, we should change how we write texts. In other words, this could be a revolutionary reading experience - you could falsify your earlier thoughts on texts and reading.

Introduction to the Art of Learning. This book introduces an art of reading in an art of learning. To be able to learn how to read better, content is needed. In this book, you will learn about philosophy, science, and pedagogy. It is about what (philosophy/science) and how (pedagogy) we learn. Hence, this book can also be seen as a general introduction to those areas.

Note that this book is part one of a two-part book! Note also that the cluster text style is not reflowable and that you need a screen where you can read a line length of 95 characters (i.e. narrow screens are inappropriate).
- Annandreas

- Annandreas

Annandreas is the author of the first books on cluster text: Readability 1/2 and 2/2 (2021), Are texts wrongly written? (2018), Typographic manual, (2021) and Typographical investigations (2022?).

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