People at Work

People at Work

Gestalt methodology and management

Lars Marmgren

Ekonomi & ledarskap


156 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789175698748

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 19.08.2014

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

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This is a book about cooperation, about people at work.

Today, most organizations are based on a “command and control” management philosophy assuming that people need to be individually stimulated and directed in order to cooperate. That management philosophy tends to fragmentize our organizations and reduce people at work to human resources.

But as human beings, cooperation is in our very nature and doing what we experience as meaningful energizes us. If we build on those facts, organizations can be both effective and human. This way of working can be achieved if we get better at creating collective gestalts, at accepting our mutual interdependencies and at handling the dilemmas of work and life together.

Gestalt Methodology and Gestalt Management support that way of regarding people at work.
 Lars Marmgren

Lars Marmgren

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