Jesus christ and his mother Mary were not Jews, rather they were Mandaean

Jesus christ and his mother Mary were not Jews, rather they were Mandaean

M. Hassan Baygan

Historia & biografier


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ISBN-13: 9789163987304

Förlag: M. H. Baygan

Utgivningsdatum: 16.10.2019

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

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In this book, after about 2000 years, I have proved that Jesus Christ were not a Jew, rather he was Mandaean.
Many people were doubtful that Jesus was a Jew but they never knew, if he was not, what was he.
In this book I show why there are such big differences between Judaism and Christianity like:
1- Why Sunday is the holy-day and not Saturday?
2- Why they baptize and not circumcision?
3- Why no divorce in Christianity?
4- Why for 300 years the symbol for Christianity was fish?
5- Where was Jesus for 30 years?
6- Who was John the Baptist? His other name (mostly the real one) has appeared only in Persian translations and that has very importing meaning while john has no meaning.

Mandaean is an Aramaic word which literally means people of Knowledge which is exactly equal to the term Gnosis in Greek and Erfan/Mysticism or sophism in Islamic world. Mandaeaism and Gnosis are considered to be in the same class.

Mandaean has different name, one of them is Baptist. That is why John the Baptist belongs to these people.

Researchers knew those first books in the Old Testament were added last but they never knew how and were they come from. I prove in here where the story of Adam and Eva and story of Novak came from, and it is not from the Jews!

And much much more which I have written in this book and I have much more in my head.
In some Universities of different countries which I have contacted, their professors have started reading the book and discussed about it and they may bring it up in their lecture and I have already given lectures in some universities in different countries.
This subject has no expiry date and can be translated in any language and sell in hundreds of millions

PS: I have many writing on Philosophy, History, Society and so on
M. Hassan Baygan

M. Hassan Baygan

M. Hassan Baygan born 1953 in Abadan south of Iran in a secular family. He start reading about all religion and their books from childhood. Even studied about greece and other philosophy. He studied almost all off the scince and technology courses in diffrent universities. He is living in Sweden from 1989.

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