If you cannot trust yourself who will you trust

If you cannot trust yourself who will you trust

Amanuel F.W

Natur- & humanvetenskap

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ISBN-13: 9789179691226

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Utgivningsdatum: 23.08.2021

Språk: Engelska

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Our psyche can comprehend the infinite secrets of all the universe, but neurotic emotions obscure us. From the get-go, we are discouraged by parents, school, society not to investigate further our intrinsic nature beyond the scope of existing social norms. We spend our time focused on what happens outside ourselves and neglect our inherent child. Our perspectives result from mutual agreements as a society, group, or friends without any scrutiny. For example, the languages we use are agreements between the members of a particular country. Language doesn't express our innermost sentiments. Words are approximate innuendos. This illusion permeates all our social activities. We act on them without scrutiny. Dangerous. The only time we probably care when we say goodbye to life. We adopt a side-track and embrace the misconception provided to us by the collective hypnosis of mass hysteria. Laziness, fear, and hope cloud this brilliant psyche. Genuine people get ridiculed when they don't follow the contemporary narrative. We have to lie to ourselves to be accepted by existing norms. That is quite depressing. Bizarrely, this coercion f our brilliant psyche is revered. For example, we get snared in the gullible hype of social media interpreters' idiocy. There are no dark corners in mind. We miss this rare experiences as a human. It is brief and magical. We are so saturated with prejudices that we don't see each other beyond this bewilderment. We designate these illusions as "I" and "mine" and put on a pedestal. A spiral of misconception feeds our very exhausting mess. Unconsciously we ignore others' needs. We are all connected. We must all the time be aware that our inherent nature is omniscient. It is essential to approach our shortcomings compassionately and take them for what they are, a mirage. Finally, we can hug our immaculate psyche like meeting a long-lost precious friend.
Amanuel F.W

Amanuel F.W

My name is Amanuel. I am another citizen. I am educated in the Buddhist Higher School of Education of Kagyu Lineage. I have earned the title of Lama or teacher. I have also studied western cognitive psychology and I have a degree in the subject. I have traveled extensively and lectured many countries. I have found that we all need and are dependent on each other. The idea of cultivating happiness for oneself only is a fraudulent myth.

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