Hockey leadership and coaching

Hockey leadership and coaching

From theory to practice and drills

Jukka Aro

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What is required from a successful hockey coach or a hockey team? How can you as the coach bring your team to the next level on ice, but also see and strengthen each individual in the team? How do you create engagement, work with goal setting, teambuilding, strengthen your players hockey capacity, run efficient on ice practices, reduce collaboration losses, get results and work with your communication and feedback, to develop your team and yourself?
The team development and leadership areas are connected to an easy to use and practical leadership model, strengthened with examples, teambuilding exercises, on and off ice practices and hockey drills for you to use.

Is it possible to predict whether a hockey player, hockey team or a hockey coach will be successful? I say it is, and luck has nothing to do with it!
Jukka Aro

Jukka Aro

Working with leadership, coaching and teambuilding and also running the website which is focused on floorball drills, practices and coaching. Floorball training knowledge from Sweden and Finland.

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