Experimental Cultural Heritage

Experimental Cultural Heritage

Combining art, archaeology and history in a landscape setting

Dafvid Hermansson, Bodil Petersson

Historia & biografier


96 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789151921020

Förlag: Artes Liberales Ab

Utgivningsdatum: 13.02.2020

Språk: Engelska

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Experimental Cultural Heritage is a new approach to working with heritage in the landscape, without hierarchies, together with different interpreters in the surrounding community and with other entrances to the collective memories than the institutionalised.
The aim is to engage artists, archaeologists and heritage workers to inspire each other and the community, to enrich and renew perspectives on local heritage. Museums and other cultural heritage institutions might play a rather different role in people's lives and their forming of identities and history through this experimental approach.
If cultural heritage museums and institutions work more as
places for expression, experimentation and exhibition than
as mere hosting institutions for traditional collection and
display, we can serve the public in a more useful way. Through
the combination of artistic and archaeological or historical
experimentation with cultural heritage in the landscape, we
might be able to safeguard a living heritage.

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Dafvid Hermansson

Dafvid Hermansson

Dafvid Hermansson is an Associate Professsor in history and Chief of Museum at Kivik's Museum, the oldest museum in Southeastern Scania, Sweden, established in 1890. His research projects cover mediaeval saints legends, the history of ideas and science in the 17th and 18th centuries and, since more than 30 years, The First World War and its consequences to neutral countries as Sweden and the European mindset after 1920.

Bodil Petersson

Bodil Petersson

Bodil Petersson is an archaeologist and heritage researcher, and Associate Professor at the Linnaeus University, Sweden. Her research projects cover mostly archaeology and ideas about reconstructions of the past.

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