ESD Dialogues

ESD Dialogues

Practical approaches to Education for Sustainable Development by and for educators

Marilyn Mehlmann, Olena Pometun

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ISBN-13: 9789175699325

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Utgivningsdatum: 12.12.2013

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Effective teaching – and therefore effective learning – for sustainable development: what have we learnt about it? This innocuous question has unfolded into several others:

* What is needed to create effective curricula or programs for different audiences?
* What does it take to deliver the programs successfully?
* How do we need to think about enabling the programs to disseminate rapidly?
* How can we understand the transformative essence – and power – of sustainable development?
* And, not least, how can we plant within the programs the seeds of their own transformation?

This book explores the questions to the best of our present understanding. Hopefully it too contains the seeds of its own transformation.

This book is mainly for educators and researchers interested in the particular pedagogical requirements of teaching and learning for sustainable development, whether in or outside the formal education sector. Please view it as a ‘work in progress’, an exploration of the above questions.

We, the authors, are two people who have approached ESD from different perspectives: Olena Pometun as a member of the educational establishment in a post-Soviet world, Marilyn Mehlmann as an informal teacher and trainer of adults in Western Europe. We found common ground in the seminal question: How is it possible to educate 'everyone' FOR sustainable development? What pedagogical methods, approaches, tools, skills are required to bring about the transformation implied in the phrase 'education for sustainable development'?
Marilyn Mehlmann

Marilyn Mehlmann

Marilyn Mehlmann has been engaged in questions of behaviour and sustainability since the mid 1980s, serving since 1994 as Secretary General of Global Action Plan (GAP) International. She is responsible for GAP’s ongoing program of action research to identify, develop and improve methods and tools for effective sustainable behaviour change.

She is also Vice-President of the Union of International Associations (UIA), a scientific centre in Brussels.

Olena Pometun

Olena Pometun

Olena Pometun is a Professor of Theory and Methodology of Teaching at the Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine (Kiev). She is also a Director of Democracy and Partnership of Ukraine. Since 2005 she has been involved in research on pedagogical aspects of Education for
Sustainable Development integrated into a secondary school curriculum.

She has developed numerous textbooks and teachers’ manuals for school grades 3,4,8 and 9 based on a combination of empowerment pedagogy, active learning and critical thinking strategies. She is also involved in training teachers and teacher trainers, and in producing manuals for ESD teacher trainers.

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