Energetically Developmental Leadership

Energetically Developmental Leadership

Creating Immersive Cultures for Continuous Growth

Alexander Lundberg

Samhälls- och kulturvetenskap


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Utgivningsdatum: 02.09.2023

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Energetically Developmental Leadership: Navigating Growth and Culture is a culmination of extensive leadership consultancy, research, and collaborative insights. Crafted by a seasoned relational psychologist and psychotherapist, this comprehensive book offers multifaceted perspectives on leadership growth.

In Part I, delve into Constructive Developmental Theories, uncovering the evolution from the Socialized to Self-Transforming Mind. The Leadership Agility Framework and Complexity Leadership illuminate agility's role in developmental growth. Affective Neuroscience explores emotions' intricate interplay in effective leadership, while Positive Psychology equips with uplifting strategies.

Part II introduces the pivotal "Inner Compass," a tool for self-awareness and growth. Navigate energy dynamics by aligning emotions, behaviors, principles, and facts for informed decisions. This roadmap empowers leaders to make conscious choices, fostering self-aware interactions.

Part III explores diverse aspects - self-leadership, guiding others, and transformative change. Practical strategies calibrate the Inner Compass for emotional navigation, self-trust, and productive conversations. Trust, psychological safety, and complexity leadership underscore leading others, while "Leading Transformation" addresses organizational change, embracing growth, resilience, and positive psychology.

Rooted in psychological principles and developmental theories, this book bridges theory and practice. It illuminates leadership's dynamic journey, emphasizing its crucial role in shaping immersive cultures for ongoing organizational advancement. It is an essential guide for leaders navigating growth, fostering agility, and cultivating transformative leadership.
Alexander Lundberg

Alexander Lundberg

Alexander Lundberg, an esteemed organizational and leadership consultant, boasts a career since the 90s, fueled by understanding human behavior and catalyzing growth. Blending his roles as a psychotherapist and psychologist, he navigates global leadership adeptly. With "meeting of minds" at his core, he nurtures growth in individuals, employing developmental theories and affective neuroscience. His "Inner Compass" model, fusing developmental theories, complexity leadership, and positive psychology, empowers agile, resilient leaders. Lundberg's expertise spans sectors from private to politics, driving positive change for future generations. His book encapsulates a journey from psychotherapist to consultant, inspiring transformative leadership.

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