Distorted Minds

Distorted Minds

Gunilla Fagerholm

Deckare & thrillers


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ISBN-13: 9789178513376

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 21.02.2019

Språk: Engelska

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On a hot summer day in 1973, 19-year old Swedish-American girl Jenny, living in Mora, Minnesota, loses her family in a spooky hit-and-run car accident. In order to come to terms with her loss, she goes to sea. But she soon, however, changes her mind. She decides to look for her roots in Mora in Dalarna, Sweden, her Granddad Wally´s native village.
On her way to Mora, Jenny gets attacked and loses her memory. Who is she? And from where does she come? Young police assistant Sven finds Jenny unconscious in the forest. The two youngsters soon form a deep friendship, which later develops into love.
Sven learns that his upbringing is based on a lie. His Mum is not at all the one he had believed. Will Sven find his real parents?
And who killed Jenny´s father and brother?
Another woman, who twenty years earlier had lived with the Amish people, is searching for her family. Will she find them?
The story is tightening. Friends and neighbours from both Australia, USA and Sweden meet in Swedish Mora, where they all get a horrible explanation.
But so much is still left before Jenny can come to peace in her distorted mind. Will she succeed?
Gunilla Fagerholm

Gunilla Fagerholm

I was born in the middle of the 1940ies and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, in a very international atmosphere, something that already at an early stage awoke my interest in the world.

After finishing my language studies at the Stockholm University I started to work in the travel trade in the middle of the 1970ies. The travel industry was an obvious choice as it was well in line with my inclination for exploring other cultures and languages.

During the 80ies, I changed profession. I started my own company and successfully worked as a computer consultant, still with focus on the travel trade.

Life, however, left a lot to be desired and after some years as a consultant, my husband and I decided to drastically exchange our comfortable suburban life for a clay hut on a Kenyan maize field. In our blue-eyed search for Paradise we, however, ran into trouble so after some turbulent years in the Kenyan countryside we had to return to Sweden.

I am now living in a small town south of Stockholm, dedicating my time to my husband - who had a stroke in 2007 -, our lovely golden retriever Dino, my writing and our summer cottage. We spend the winter months in our small house in Torrevieja, Spain.

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