Dating Site

Dating Site

Goeran B Johansson

Romaner & noveller


244 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789180277570

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 15.09.2022

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

163,00 kr

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Johan has a boring life out in the country. He is lonely, unemployed, and no longer noticeably young. One day he is asked to apply for a job as a data administrator on a dating site.

When he checks his intended workplace, his interest in seeking contact with women online is aroused. He falls for a charming young woman named Doralel. The interest is mutual.

So, Johan travels to Manila, where Doralel lives. But already, on the very first day, he is subjected to attempted kidnapping. He begins to suspect that Doralel is behind ... "
Goeran B Johansson

Goeran B Johansson

Goeran B. Johansson, born in 1945 in a working-class family in Gothenburg, is a multifaceted person. Over the years, he has acquired knowledge and skills in many different areas, from the down-to-earth farm to the virtual computer world.

He served in the UN forces in Cyprus in the 1960s. Geopolitics, History of Ideas, physical training, and the violin belongs to his great passion.

Having music as a companion through his life, playing various instruments, has deepened his creativity and refined his ability to empathize. These qualities come in handy when Goeran writes. "Dating Site "has been inspired by his years in Southeast Asia.

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