To our natural state of freedom

Gabriel von Post

Andlighet & esoterism


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Utgivningsdatum: 09.11.2018

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This book is a practical guide to awakening. Pointing you to your natural state of freedom.

This natural state is different from the apparent freedom of money, power or "free will". This is the ultimate freedom. A freedom that is not conditioned on anything. Not time, nor circumstance. Available here now for you to awaken to it.

A freedom that transcends this world - and frees our human experience so that it can express itself more fully. It is the lived experience of our true being.
Gabriel von Post

Gabriel von Post

Gabriel was interested in philosophical questions from an early age, consumed by the meaning of life and nature of this creation. His search for happiness was first directed outwards, into the world of form and intellect, with a 12-year career in the financial services sector, eventually realizing that lasting happiness could not be found anywhere outside of us.

After a deep personal crisis and depression, he fully surrendered his life to the universe in 2013. An act that enabled re-evaluation of everything he thought he knew about the world and himself.

Gabriel was consequently guided through a rapid and deep personal transformation and journey inwards. It led through intense study of philosophical teachings of historical and living Indian and European Masters, through Mindfulness, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

A number of shifts unfolded during this secluded study and meditation. The silencing of the mind, awakening of the heart, kundalini rising, bliss and the shift from person to presence.

Following a meeting with Sri Mooji in 2014, a deep final shift in identity happened, where the energetic sensation of an individual I and any doership disappeared.

Gabriel is now living in divine flow, surrendered to the love of each moment. Read more at

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