Aspects of Ageing

Aspects of Ageing

A suite of poems on the themes of Body, Mind and Spirit, in the context of Mortality

Seán Gaffney , Lars Berg Egenart Freedom Xpress

Klassiker & lyrik


110 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789151974088

Förlag: Freedom Xpress

Utgivningsdatum: 06.11.2020

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Nej

149,00 kr

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Aspects of Ageing is Seán Gaffney's third suite of poems, now published in its second edition, in which he continues to explore his way of writing poetry and to express memories, reflections and direct responses to his immediate reality.
In this suite we can follow Seán Gaffney summarising and re-evaluating his life, in the midst of daily encounters with intimate ailments and hospital experiences, as parts of everyday life as an ageing man.
Seán Gaffney

Seán Gaffney

Seán Gaffney, Ph.D. is Irish by birth, culture and conviction, and a resident of Sweden since 1975.
He was trained as a Gestalt therapist at the Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia and as a Gestalt Organisational Consultant by the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, USA, on their International OSD programme, and is a trainer and supervisor in both applications internationally.

Seán Gaffney published his first book of poems in December 2016: The Las Meninas Suite, and has since then devoted his writing to poetry. His second suite of poems were published in June 2018: Family Matters. And his third book was published as an eBook in May 2020: Aspects of Ageing.

Lars Berg Egenart Freedom Xpress

Lars Berg Egenart Freedom Xpress

Freedom Xpress is a subdivision of Lars Berg Egenart, the company name of Artist, Gestalt therapist, Publisher and Designer Lars Berg. Freedom Xpress is situated in Sweden.

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