Ale's Stones

Ale's Stones

A study in Black and white

Somerled Karlsson

Film, konst & kultur


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ISBN-13: 9789180273589

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 10.09.2021

Språk: Svenska

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This picture book is the fruit of repeated visits to the stones of Ale over the seasons. The grassed slopes and the wide views are slowly developed in the darkroom. Many hours there lead up to the image of atmospheric photographs. Absorb them slowly, as they were intended, and Ale´s stones will stay in your memory.

The ancient stone ship, the grassed heights above a glittering sea, the little fishing harbour, the people, the grassing animals, and the sounds of the sea. All come together in this storytelling of black and white photography.
Somerled Karlsson

Somerled Karlsson

At the age of eight, Somerled Karlsson was gifted with his first camera. His passion for photography grew, and today he is exploring the early methods of taking pictures. He likes wet plate collodion and dry plate photography, and often makes use of cameras made a century ago.

Somerled has grown up by the sea, at the archipelago of Sankt Anna in Sweden. The elderly fishermen taught him knotting and rope craft. He became intrigued by their outlook upon life.

When Somerled moved south to Scania to study, he majored in psychology of religion at the university of Lund. This region also had a lot to offer him as a nature lover, and Somerled has lived here ever since. His studio is situated in a village near a medieval town, Ystad.

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