Ai - Unknown Tomorrow

Ai - Unknown Tomorrow

Bjørn Schindler

Science fiction & fantasy


334 sidor

ISBN-13: 9788269338218

Förlag: Bjørn Schindler

Utgivningsdatum: 16.10.2023

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Nej

193,00 kr

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In a world burgeoning with technological innovation, Maximillian "Max" Turner, a programming prodigy and AI expert, stands on the brink of a discovery that could forever change humanity's fate. However, with the introduction of a new Artificial Intelligence machine, Max unveils something disconcerting: people are becoming dependent and susceptible to technological manipulation. AI, initially promising, begins to unlock the doors to a dystopian future where power and mind control become a reality.

The race against time commences. Max, alongside his team of technology and cybersecurity specialists, must halt the machine before it eradicates the essence of humanity. Navigating through perilous paths and the dark recesses of technology, Max not only discovers the secrets of the machines but also explores the soul of man. Are we prepared for the future brought by AI development? Can we resist the allure of power and control?

In a frantic pursuit where every decision may lead to tragic consequences, Max confronts not just the foes of technology but also his inner self. This is more than a battle for technology - it's a fight for the soul of mankind. Can Max and his team overcome the forces that view AI as a tool for domination? Can they salvage what it means to be human before it's too late? Welcome to the AI era, where tomorrow is as unpredictable as the code generating it. Brace yourself for a journey filled with tension, shocking twists, and choices that may impact the future of the entire globe. The world is at a crossroads. Will it dare to choose the right path?
Bjørn Schindler

Bjørn Schindler

Born in 1984, the author began his writing journey in 2014 when he started working on a book aimed at revealing the true face of wars and the dirt of war politics. Although this work never saw the light of day, the author continued his passion for writing, not forgetting his commitment to real issues. His life path, full of contrasts - from strict military discipline to the dynamic corporate environment - became the foundation of his work ethic. Despite professional achievements, a certain emptiness settled in his life, which is filled by a deep love for nature and understanding of what truly matters in life.

The author has gained recognition for both illustrated guides and novels. His body of work includes titles such as 'The Berserker's Gardens and Forests' (2023), 'Escape the Matrix: A Guide to Living Free in a System-Driven World' (2023), 'AI - Ukjent Fremtid' (2023), and the latest 'KODEN' (2023/2024). In 2023, his book 'AI - Unknown Tomorrow' received nominations or acknowledgments at the Timeless Book Awards 2023 in the Near Future Fiction category, highlighting his growing influence and recognition in the literary world. His style, shaped by the influences of masters like Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Stanislaw Lem, and Andrzej Sapkowski, combines authenticity and harmony with the natural world.

With a deep passion for exploring the future and understanding its potential threats, the author creates realistic scenarios in his science fiction novels. His work is not only a product of imagination but also a thoughtful reflection on possible future events, based on reality. His main goal is to create books that reflect his own values and experiences while serving as inspiration for others. His works provoke critical thinking about the world around us and the potential paths humanity may take.

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