A New time New SI-units

A New time New SI-units

to physical modelling, standard and science

Tony Johansson

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ISBN-13: 9789177853510

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Utgivningsdatum: 18.10.2019

Språk: Engelska

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A new time concept is presented. It concerns the SI unit and quantities for the standard. The physics is analyzed on time. This explication set the fundaments for a new time in most science. I offer clear and simple arguments for most interested readers. The reader reaches the fundaments of contemporary technical time. The application of these theories leads to comprehensively think time in a corrected way. Instead of defining the new time precisely for the standard which is for the responsible to do, the basic ideas around time are formulated, explicated to the new conception easy to apply.
Tony Johansson

Tony Johansson

Tony Johansson is a master of science engineer in Engineering physics from Sweden.

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